The best made plans…

We’re only a few weeks into a new year, a year most likely full of new targets that will ask more of you and your team than ever before. No doubt you’re already beset by additional tasks, problems and surprises that seem designed to upset your best-made plans.

This new year also comes after a turbulent few years that have tested the strongest of teams, and in many cases finds staff feeling remote, often literally when working from home, making the job of nurturing team spirit all the more difficult. There’s no better way to foster team work than by putting your team into enjoyable competitive situations, where It’s visibly clear everyone relies on everyone else and where that interaction feels fun.

Staff wellbeing = business wellness

Sport promotes personal and collective wellbeing and can help build, motivate and reward a healthy, happy workforce. This sense of wellbeing and camaraderie comes both during and after the game with the rush of endorphins from the exercise, in small personal and collective triumphs on the pitch and it’s reinforced in the post-game celebrations and repeated memories to help people really bond.


Touch is an accessible, easy to play sport for all members of your team

Touch is just the touch for teams

Touch (AKA touch rugby or touch footy, depending on where you were born) is the ideal team sport, as it’s completely inclusive – any adult of any background can play regardless of age, gender or prior experience. It’s a safe, accessible, non-contact game that is quick to pick up and fun to play, without being too long or arduous. It’s a full body workout and with its sprinting, makes it an ideal form of High Intensity Interval Training, which is very popular and highly effective for improving fitness.

Why Corporate Touch?

The Corporate Touch 6s has been a long-standing Dubai tradition since 2010, with up to 36 businesses in any one year using the tournament to boost both teamwork and their company’s profile. Teams from companies as prestigious as Emirates Airline compete year after year, recognising the game’s ability to increase teamwork and for the tournament’s ability to help networking and raise participating company profiles, which makes it popular with company owners, sales and marketing managers as well as HR managers who can all easily grasp the various benefits it brings.

So, if your staff are stuck behind a desk or working remotely from home all week, why not use Touch to provide a great release and grasp the chance to get people together, to be fit and active in the fresh air and to bond with colleagues outside of the business environment.

Just the touch needed to build a team with significant long-term competitive advantage for the rest of the year ahead!